Account Settings

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To access your account settings got to account from the top menu.

Send alerts to email

Here you will save the email address where you wish to receive alerts. Please be advised that we do not support multiple addresses. If you wish to send alerts to different people we suggest that you save an email group address. If you don’t want to receive email alerts simply leave this field blank.

Set your Time Zone

You can set your time zone. This way all  records will use your own time. It’s advisable to set this the first time and leave it as is. If you change this value for any reason all new records will be saved using the new time zone.

The following applies to Enterprise accounts only

Your logo image (optional)

You may use your own logo in both the Admin panel and the Mailer panel. Enter the URL to your logo image. You logo size should be 200 x 50 pixels otherwise it will look stretched.

Custom domain or subdomain (optional)

You can set your any domain name to be used instead of It can be a top level domain or a subdomain where you are able to add a DNS CNAME record. If you are not sure about this please ask your server administrator. The CNAME record to be used will look like the following: CNAME s*

Server certificate: We will buy and instal your server certificate, so that you will be able to use the services under the https protocol. Please know the certificate will not be installed on trial accounts.

Billing Information

Please keep your billing info always up-to-date especially before you send an order and/or the subscription renews. We will use this data to automatically generate your tax invoices so it’s important that the information included and the Vat id (if any) is correct.

Please know that the email address is not editable through the interface as it is your login and it is connected to many administrative tasks. If you need to change it, please contact us.