Automated Alerts

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With you can track the opt-outs and share the information securely and in real time with the advertiser and other mailers involved in campaigns. This will help all the parties to avoid user complaints.

You can be informed if the list owner is not honoring unsubscribe requests from recipients. Also, if your affiliate or partner does not access your lists we notify you to resolve this non-compliance issue with your mailer.

Within your account you can review a detailed access log for each list and campaign. Also an email will be sent to every 24 hours the email address set in your account page.

Alerts include date and time when the user was added to the suppression list. This will allow you to get if a list owner did not consider a suppression list one or more times.

Also, alerts can be generated if a list owner does not access suppression lists for “X” days. This setting works on a list basis. It means you can decide if you want with to monitor a specific list owner.