Create a campaign

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A Campaign will identify an Ad campaign, a customer or a product. List owners / mailers will always send their list opt-outs through a campaign ID. This will help you organize your data and share the “campaign suppression list” with other mailers and/or the advertiser.

Login and click on campaign on the top menu, then click on Ad Campaign

You might want to preload a campaign suppression list before the campaign starts (upload) in order to share with all your partners the email addresses the advertiser do not want to contact.

By sharing the campaign suppression list of customer ABC with all the mailers involved in the campaign, you will make sure a user who unsubscribed from an email including the campaign of customer ABC will not receive the same Ad from another mailer.

Through the web services all mailers can be informed in real time about the users who did not like customer ABC, and remove them from their next shot to prevent complaints that might be sent to you or your customer. Also, there will be likely another opt-out from the same user receiving the same message.

You can create as many campaigns as you wish. The policy depends on your needs and preferences. You may want to create a “campaign” for each single ad campaign, and/or use a single “campaign” for every ad campaign connected to the same customer.