Create your first List

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A List is a Mailer (3rd party list owner) or simply one of your lists. The first thing to do to get started is to add your Lists to the platform. Each list has its own web service, and almost everything in the system  works around lists.

Login and click on Lists on the top menu, then click on Ad New List

  • List Name 
    Give a name to the list
  • Email
    Enter here the list owner emai address
  • Password
    This is the password the list owner can use (with its list ID#) to login at /control/login.php?u=list
  • Customize Opt-out template CSS
    If you are going to use our opt-out page you may want customize the page and this can be done on a list basis.
  • Manage the Opt-out message 
    Optionally, here you can decide what to do with the end user after the opt-out. You can leave it as is OR enter your own Response Text, OR simply redirect to a Redirect to URL.  See article regarding Opt-outs and web services for more details.
  • Create an Alert
    When the list owner does not download suppression lists for X days you may want to generate an alert.
  • Authorized IP addresses
    This must be used ONLY if the list owner will notify opt-outs server to server.  There are security  measures in place that will would block the same server, so you may need to white list the server IP address (or the IP addresses, comma separated). Note: If you add ip addresses, also the GET service will be accessible only by a white-listed IP.

Click on the button to save the list.