Intro to

You are here: is a cloud application that allows you to securely manage  opt-outs from multiple lists and campaigns, and share information with your business partners thanks through reliable web services.

You can easily monitor those who have access to your suppression lists or which partner have not downloaded suppression data to identify potential compliance risks. will look for signs of potential non-compliant behavior and will automatically generate an alert and send a message to a predesignated email.

Who’s Involved? is ideal for Agencies and Networks, and works perfectly for brands that want to monitor unsubscribes and compliance with a centralized platform.


The work flow

The whole system is organized by lists, hence everything is tracked below a list ID. Moreover, by adding campaigns to the platform you will organize your data hierarchically to know exactly if a user unsubscribes from a specific campaign. Also, working with campaigns will let you share with your mailers a DNE list / campaign suppression list before the email shot. That said, it’s not mandatory to use campaigns you don’t need them. In such a case please read the documents to learn how to bypass campaigns and oly work with lists.

Lists you will find in the platform
  • Mailer Suppression List (MSL)  The list including the users who unsubscribed from the list.
  • Campaign Suppression List (CSL) The list including the users who unsubscribed from the ad campaign + emails provided by you or the advertiser, if any. Unsubscribes from CSL are always connected to a mailer suppression list!
  • Global Suppression List This lis is optionally populated by you to share a do not contact list.