List Manager Login and List Scrubbing

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Each list manager can optionally log into the platform according to your own policy. The list manager besides the ability to view the suppressed items can also find web service for each campaign. Moreover, the list manager will be able to scrub lists through the interface.

List Web Services (on the home page)

List Scrubbing

You can upload a list and generate either a black list (items to be removed) or a white list (ready to use list) obtained excluding automatically all the items found in the suppression list. List managers can scrub against any Campaign Suppression List and/or against your Global Suppression List.

Upload a .TXT file with one item per row, lines terminated by “\n”, max size 20M (around 1M records).

The output format will depend on what you upload. A md5 file will generate an md5 output, a text/plain file will return text. The output file shall be downloaded immediateley, we will not keep it in our database.