Lists sharing and web services

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Your list managers and your advertisers have access to web services to keep suppression lists up to date.

List Access and Security
Data can accessed only through a unique access key identifying your partners (list manager or advertiser). In other words each list and each campaign will have its own access key. You can deactivate any list or campaign and therefore block access to the lists. Address of web service can be found by clicking on “Service” next to each list or campaign. List managers can find their web services by logging into their account.

All lists will be downloaded by default in MD5. You may authorize specific list managers to download plain text databases. It is not advisable to share lists in plain text due to possible suppression list abuses.

Mailer Suppression List (MSL)

This service allows the list owners to download opt-outs from their list but also gives access to the global suppression list, if any. It’s particularly necessary to download the MSL if the unsubscribe/opt-out process is entirely managed within (advisable to keep the flow under direct control). The MSL can be optionally downloaded by date.

The web service address will look like the following
or, if you use a custom domain (enterprise plan)

Campaign Suppression List (CSL)

It’s a suppression list for a specific campaign. A CSL is composed of items added by the advertiser and/or opt-outs received from all the mailers involved in the campaign. The GSL, if any, is always included in any Campaign Suppression Lists.

Both list managers and advertisers have access to the CSL, through different web services that will be logged separately. Advertiser’s web service will be found next to each campaign by clicking on “Service”.

The web service address will look like the following (“c=” identifies the campaign id), if you use a custom domain (enterprise plan)