The opt-out process

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The unsubscribe link for the list can be easily found in the admin area by clicking on “service” on the list row on this page,  or directly by the mailers (if you provide  your mailers with a login). The system provides your list owners basically with 2 methods for unsubscribing their users.

Opt-out managed within
Notified to the mailer through the web service

Opt-out on the mailer’s site
Notified to you with a server to server notification


Opt-out managed within


Opt-out Hosted Page
The unsubscribe link by default is intended to be used in the footer of each email without prefilling the email address. If no item (email) is provided the user will be sent to the opt-out page to unsubscribe.


Direct Link / Single opt-out
TYour mailer can also prefill the unsubscribe link with the email address so that the user does not have to fill in the form.


Customize the opt-out process

Each list can have it’s own setup, so you can easily match with your partners needs.


Opt-out Thank you message
You can use the default message or set your own default message.
This can be useful for example if you need to translate the message into another language.


Redirect to URL
You can optionally decide that all users unsubscribing from a specific list will be redirected to a URL. It can be for example a page on the Mailer’s website. You can send the item within the URL allowing the mailer to personalize the message, and/or update its database.

Opt-out on the mailer’s site and then notified to you

Your mailers may want to handle the opt-out on their own pages. In this case they can simply use the Direct Link to feed the suppression list with a server to server notification or a html pixel code 1×1 on the thank you page .

Server to server notification

In case list owners prefer the server to server notification, please know that your will need to white list their IP addresses, because calling the opt-out service from the same IP will be considered as an attack and their IP can be blocked. It’s important for you to know that once you white list one or more IP addresses also the GET service (list download) will be bounded to those IP. To white list IP addresses simply look for the list lust and click on Edit, then add the IPs separated by comma.,,333.333.333.333

Notification by html pixel

If the mailers do not have a server to server notification system, they can put a pixel within the html of their thank you page, this way when the page is loaded by the user, the notification will start automatically. Example html code:

<img src="" width="1" height="1" />