Upgrades, downgrades and cancellation

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You are free to upgrade or cancel at anytime through our subscription manager.

You can switch to a higher level account or simply add more storage to your existing plan. Any change will be done in real time,  you will be able to use the new configuration in a matter of seconds.

When you upgrade we will charge a prorated amount. In other words we will credit the old plan for the days remaining to the end of your billing period and charge for the new plan like a new subscription.

Please know that downgrading is not possible in our system at the moment. Before upgrading please make sure you have a  correctly evaluated your needs.

Account cancellation

We offer a monthly subscription. This means you can cancel at anytime during any month. If you wish to cancel, simply login and go to your “subscription manager”. You will find a link to delete your account. If your require to delete your account, we will cancel your subscription so that it will not renew, and your data will be marked for deletion at the date your subscription will expire.